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The tanneries of Fes

Once upon a time in Casablanca. What is you favorite city of Morocco?

Packing for our wellness line is coming to life. Rhassoul Louisa & Natural scrubbing soap. SOON AVAILABLE

What about those tiles? TAG SOMEONE YOU KNOW WHO WOULD THIS!

Wish y'all a great weekend.

What's you favorite Moroccan wannahave?

We're so excited as we are coming closer to the launch of our beauty line. TAG A FRIEND YOU KNOW WHO WILL LOVE THIS . RHASSOUL: A natural mineral clay that has been used by North African women for centuries to care for their skin and hair. . ARGAN OIL: 100% Pure Organic ARGAN OIL. Commonly used as a treatment for skin hair and much more. . PERFUME OILS: Oil fragrance such as Amber Lavendel and Sandelwood for body home and bath. . COMING SOON

Moroccan hospitality at it best.


Friday "couscous"day

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