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The other day I went shopping with a huge pot of mascarpone but without really knowing what to do with it. And as I could not eat raw eggs (yes I know I ramble there !), exit the tiramisù ! But I didn’t want either to deprive me of a little delicacies for teatime !... Read more »

I love both the brownies in all their forms as you have seen here and here, but also the cheesecakes here or there then the idea of combining the two, as I had already seen on the blogosphere, really appealed to me ! Good but as Gentleman is not a super fan of this base... Read more »

This cake is the first cake I made at the exit of the maternity ward… a simple desire to get back to doing what I love, and make us happy in Mr. and me. So this is how I announce the arrival of mini Miss in our family, a beautiful baby who came into the... Read more »

What could be more classic and simple as the yoghurt cake ?! A cake that we immediately revert to your childhood, because like me, this is probably the first cake that you made as a(e) grand(e) !!! We were at Lea and F. that night, and I had 2 hours to prepare the dessert, so... Read more »

30… It could be the number of floor of this birthday cake, the cooking time or the time that I started to write this article, but no, it is indeed the age that I celebrate today. You will have understood, I’m 30 years old, I assume half and it’s my birthday ! Spend the thirty... Read more »

The apples are back, and are part of the fruit emblematic of the winter… but not only do we lament not, because the winter is a beautiful season where we take pleasure to warm up over a good cup of tea. And what better than a good cake to accompany your cup of tea (or... Read more »

What could be more classic and regressive that a yoghurt cake ?! It has the taste of our childhood, then, combine it with apples and caramels for me, it was too tempting (yeah don’t judge me!!) ! I had made this cake with yogurt spilled apples for my team is bad’ (don’t worry I’m doing... Read more »

The mission of the day was “dump congélo” in order to do the sort (yes he needs it from time to time mr. congélo) and also a little empty to leave room for the small pots of Mini-Mademoiselle. Yes, because, between its compotes and purees, she has the right to a little less than half... Read more »

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Yoghurt cake with apples