CMU 442 Kiln Construction Jake Allee: Cross Draft Soda Kilns

CMU 442 Kiln Construction Jake Allee: Wood Fired Train Kilns

This would make a good video to watch

Tianbao, Jingdezhen, China 2014 One of the last remaining dragon kilns still breathing fire in the area.

Michel Cohen's wood-fired kiln, Eybierg pottery, in the High Alps, France

ru_ceramics: Кузяевский фарфоровый завод

Final stages in the "open field firing" of terracotta storage vessels. The women in both Arigidi and Erusu (In the Akoko area) employ only "upside down contruction". Their pottery skills are unique to this region of Yorubaland. Photo by Ron du Bois, 1988.

Firing- Cu Chi style

Jun Kaneko's Kiln

Open pit bonfire pottery kiln.

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