I was such an 80's child.
Rainbow Brite was a character franchise introduced by Hallmark Cards in 1983, with the animated television series starting the following year   Rainbow Brite became a regular series, as part of DIC's weekly syndicated Kideo TV block; eight new episodes were made for this run. Rainbow Brite remained part of the Kideo TV lineup until May 1987.
I had this Barbie.
i actually had this Barbie when i was little!
Dis un chiffre entre 1 et 10. Choisis une couleur.
colle Cléopâtre
Les puces !!!
Jem (The Misfits pictured).

Encore plus d'idées
kiki he sucked his thumb
Coolinary.be: Kauwgom in een tube = tubble gum
stirrup pants.... never thought i'd say this, but i wouldnt mind bringing these back from childhood to wear with boots now.
Lady Lovely Locks
My personal doctor, Dr. Alan Christianson, explains how cortisol affects multiple aspects of health including weight, hormones, sleep & energy in many ways.
Einstein Lunatech Light Up Costume Wig & Mustache Adult
Ardoise magique - l'originale
Gâteau savant fou #recettesduqc #dessert #enfants