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Build your own earthen oven -- with ROCKET STOVE heating. Brilliant! #homestead

Something like this, only in my kitchen and with a much bigger space for cooking next to the oven. Oh yeah, stone, not brick lol... but a woodburning oven/stove, in a fireplace.

wood fired outdoor oven

1970 International Scout

Love the wood walls and raised fireplace in a kitchen. bungalowclassic

I absolutely love that extra special gnarly texture you get from cooking veggies in a wood fired oven. Fire it up an hour or two before you're ready to cook. When the temperature has reached between 180°C and 200°C (check with your thermometer) and the smoke and flames have died down, you can start cooking. Always keep an eye on the fire and top up the heat source, if needed.

We like this outdoor oven setup #woodfiredovens #outdoorcooking #outdoorkitchen

Have to make an Outside BBQ like this and use that extra old wood stove we have. Neat!

wood fired outdoor oven