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Milú y siamés :D

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Georges Remi (Herge) and Jean-Pierre Talbot as Tintin during the filming of Tintin and the Blue Oranges, 1964.

Tintin et les Oranges bleues (1964) Philippe Condroyer

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Top 33 des détournements de la pochette d’Abbey Road des Beatles

Tin Tin in Abbey Road!! This is so cute Tin Tin is the best Belgian cartoon ever other than the Smurfs!!!!!!

Tim und die Beatles

Tintin & Captain Haddock (in Brussels)

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Snowy - Tintin in America (1932)

Les Aventures de Tintin - Milou

L'oeuvre et l'artiste

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Professor Auguste Piccard was the inspiration for Professor Cuthbert Calculus in The Adventures of Tintin by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. Piccard held a teaching appointment in Brussels where Hergé spotted his unmistakable figure in the street. Piccard gained worldwide acclaim when he pierced the stratosphere twice in a balloon.

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The movie starts off with Tintin and his dog Snowy browsing a European market. Tintin is having his portrait painted, and when the painting is revealed, it is the Tintin we are all used to seeing being held up by a digitally animated modern Tintin. I was pleasantly surprised by this reference.

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Vintage Automobiles in the "Adventures of Tintin"

Vintage Automobiles in the "Adventures of Tintin"

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Tintin's lost treasures

Well, I needed a Tintin board sometime!! XD

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