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Willem de S' favorite places.

Which places does Willem de S like? Will be updated every now and then.
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Lyon in Rhône-Alpes, France. One of my favorite cities. Variety of architecture, large portion of nice people, cuisine, safe, atmosphere.


Gamla Visby

Gamla Visby in Visby, Gotland, Sweden. One of the best preserved old towns ever. Visiting during the yearly medieval week with all it's events and admirable amount of partaking people is most advised.



Harriniva in Muonio, Finnish Lapland. The restaurant served us some very good sauteed reindeer Finnish way and the price was decent. Yes, we ate all Santa's reindeer's. Don't worry, they'd been banging like rabbits to make new ones. The hotel is so-so, but a good choice for a family or a group of friends. Activities available nearby.


Libreria Popolare Di Via Tadino

Libreria Popolare Di Via Tadino in Milano, Lombardia, Italy. Pretty much the best bookstore visited so far with the nicest owners ever.

Dino's Bar & Grill

Dino's Bar & Grill in Mariehamn, Åland, Finland. Yet another one of my favorite restaurants. Serving fusion cuisine, rock 'n' metal attitude and occasional live music with local beer to flush it down with.

Vanha Rauma

Vanha Rauma / old Rauma, Finland. Peaceful walks in a very well preserved UNESCO sanctioned old town.

Restaurang Waldorf

Restaurang Waldorf, Luleå, Sweden. One of the rare Chinese restaurants (outside China) where the food actually tastes Chinese instead of that sugary crap 'for western (=American) taste' you get in almost every place. Worth mentioning already because of that alone. Also serving Japanese, pizza and some other dishes that we didn't sample. Got one of the best desserts served so far.

Bratwurst Glöcklein

Bratwurst Glöcklein im Nürnberger Handwerkerhof in Nürnberg, Bayern / Bavaria. One of my favorite German restaurants. Nice surroundings, good atmosphere, nice service and the protected dish of Nürnberg... among other things.

Kogo Ristorante Havelská

Kogo Ristorante Havelská in Praha / Prague, Czech Republic. One of my favorite restaurants. Serving a variety of Italian food. Good taste, fast and professional service.

Wien / Vienna (Wien)

Wien / Vienna, Austria. Cold and reserved people all around until/unless you get under their 'crust'. A lot to do, a lot to see, cuisine of the palace to eat, functional public transportation, history, architecture, not too expensive to visit for a few days... One of my favorite capitals.