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Alphonse Daudet par Nadar (1891) écrivain français (mai 1840- décembre 1897)


A carte-de-visite portrait of the English artist Elizabeth Thompson, Lady Butler (1846-1933). A celebrated battle painter, her reputation was made when Queen Victoria bought The Roll Call, painted by her in 1874. Her sister was the writer, Alice Meynell. This photograph is possibly from the sitting referred to in Elizabeth Butler’s An Autobiography (1923): ’Of course, the photographers began bothering. The idea of my portraits being published in the shop windows was repugnant to me…


Moonlight Scene - Léon Bonvin • Note: Leon Bonvin, 1834-1866, was a largely self-taught French watercolorist whose work was distinctive in looking almost like a photograph. He went to Paris where his paintings were rejected for being too dark and not happy enough. The next day, Bonvin hung himself in the Meudon forest which had been the subject of many of his works.

Durer age 28 self portrait circa 1500

Purported Photograph Of Empress Myeong Seong (Not Verified)

Ada Lovelace - world's first computer programmer and the original Geek Girl.

10 People You've Never Heard Of Who Changed the World

Amy Johnson - 1930s