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Yves Klein | Envoy of Belfast

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Yves Klein, Antropometria , 1960

05.09.2012--"FC1" by Yves Klein, created by two water-drenched models imprinting a board then Klein torching the board with a blow torch.

Yves Klein - Anthopometries (1960-1) “Klein experimented with various methods of painting, using rollers and sponges and experimenting with different surfaces. This experimentalism would lead to a number of works Klein made using a female nude covered in blue paint and dragged across or laid upon canvases to make the image, using the models as ‘living brushes’.”

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Yves Klein. 'Hiroshima' c. 1961

acrylic on burnt wood (with blow torch) 60X70cm

Hacedor de Trampas: Yves Klein, Antropometrías

Relief sponge - Yves Klein

yves kline. anthropometrie Removing barriers between the human and the painting