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Tintin - Samo chips // i don't know. but i like it.
1973 • Accroche toi Milou ! Autocollant publicitaire « samo chips ».
Tintin & his motorbike! ♥︎
Tintin - timbres Belgique Plus
Tintin et les deux-roues
tintin by Rodier // aaw! a little kitten in the snow
Les Aventures de Tintin - L'Île Noire

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30 años sin Hergé, el padre de Tintín
libertinedreaming: “ For the love of a reader… in search of adventures. ”
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Tintin Adventures book covers: I'm finally getting to read all of Tintin's adventures made by fantastic artist Hergé. I'll pin the covers of each after I read them and write a review about it. So let's start!!!
Never stop exploring… keep on discovering… studying and learning about Others and Yourself.  Peanuts readers may become novelists and shrinks, but Tintin readers? They become explorers. Here, Tintin faces a new mystery in Land of Black Gold (1950), set in the fictional country of Khemed (inspired by Palestine).
Vintage Automobiles in the "Adventures of Tintin"