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Peter Eisenman


Eisenman Guardiola House process plans | Remix the School House


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House 11a. Peter Eisenman - Buscar con Google


House A / Moure Rivera Arquitectos



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Drawings by Mathew Borrett: Room Series – more (Escher-esque) images @ – Illustration, Pencil, MC Escher

Peter Eisenman, Max Reinhardt Haus Project, Berlin, Germany. 1992

XXI Architecture / Piotrek Chuchla

XXI Architecture / Piotrek Chuchla

Eisenman's analytical drawings

Deconstructing-taking a basic object, de-composing it into its primary parts, subjecting them to analytic movements transformations, product of relationships or influences from the surroundings re-composing a new product that expresses this transformation process. It was an exercise similar to Cubism in painting, adding a fourth dimension to the architectural object-the time variable (Le Corbusier included the time variable as the path the user had to walk to perceive his buildings.