1. Write names of students who are absent on the calendar.  2. Gather their missing assignments and put them in the folder for their class period. 3. Students are responsible for checking the folder when they return to school.
I.C.E. — Introduce, Cite, Explain. An acronym for teaching your students how to properly incorporate citations into their writing. Perfect for English teachers at the middle school or high school level. Print out the poster and hang it up in your room!
Multiple class lists printed in advance for use as needed...who turned in field trip money, etc.
Theme Anchor Chart
theme - questions to ask to decide theme
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Anchor Charts
Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme
Themes in literature
How to find the theme in a reading selection. Kids ask themselves the questions. Metacognition.
Common themes found in most books
Libby Lou: Educator, Baker, Wanna be Craft Maker: Theme.. Glorious Theme and Skittle Order of Operations FREEBIE!
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THEME Anchor Chart by Queencassie
Appletastic: Blossoming in Fifth Grade: Theme in Literature