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Model: Tessa KuragiCorset: BlackittenPhoto: Martial Lenoir

© Feng Hai | 冯海 (b.1971), New garden fantasies.

Beata V. for NEO2. PHOTOGRAPHY: Javier Garceche & Luis de las Alas


'But now and then, a woman walks up, full blossom, a woman just bursting out of her dress; a sex creature, a curse, the end of it all' Charles Bukowski

'In the darkest night, deep forest, brooding shadows, I wander alone. The starlight is no solace, for these stars died long ago.' — Michael Boiano

'Innocence, once lost, can never be regained. Darkness, once gazed upon, can never be lost.' — John Milton

'Our eyes are full of terrible confessions.' — Anne Sexton

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