Thanksgiving Song and Coloring Page for Thanksgiving!

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Indianer-Einladungs-Karte Kindergeburtstag by JulicaDesign, Free Download:

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Couronne d’Indien / Indian Crown - I like te painted tips but would prefer a fabric band.

cowboy and indian party deco

cowboy and indian party deco

Mini milk bottles with beads and feathers

Dans la forêt des enfants-roi: Feu, feu, joli feu...

Indian Party Invitations by designlab443 on Etsy

Waouh! Un indien en bonbons !

This is supposed to be a Thanksgiving craft, but as we will be studying American Indians and their relationships with early Pilgrims I think this would be a fun activity for the girls. I would imagine you could easily make some Pilgrims and a ship too!

FREE PRINTABLE #tipidiremerci

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