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Michael Landy unleashes holy terror on the National Gallery – in pictures

Credit: Sarah Lee for the Guardian A full view of Multi-Saint, which incorporates the grisly martyrdoms of an assortment of saints

Gary Hume

View from a Balcony | Gary Hume | 2009

Gary Hume's The Indifferent Owl nests in London – in pictures

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Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville, wonderful!!!

Jenny Saville- Closed Contact 1995 This series was created by photographer Glen Luchford and Jenny Saville. It was created by her laying down on glass and then photographing her from the underneath. I love the shape in this series as its very distorted and irregular, the picture is also quite dense as it fills the whole space. The colours are all of similar tone which is typical of Jenny Saville in most of her work, she uses lots of cold colours with her interpretation of bodies.

David Hockney