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Panama Food: Dishes of Panamanian food, many delicious flavors and exquisite meal for everyone, test is great.
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Pies: fritters made ​​of corn stuffed with meat, PANAMA FOOD.

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chorizo, tortila corn, wheat flour tortilla, stuffed with meat carimañola, PANAMA FOOD.

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Carimañolas: fritters made ​​of cassava stuffed with meat, PANAMA FOOD.

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Carimañolas:fritters made ​​of corn stuffed with meat, PANAMA FOOD.

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Corn tortillas, fried, PANAMA FOOD.

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Chorizo​​, bananas, chicken, Tamale, Corn Tortilla, PANAMA FOOD.

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Panamanian Carimañolas: Made from cassava and stuffed with ground beef, fries, and your taste.

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Panamanian Carimañolas, hojaldras, tortilla, chorizo​​, cheese, chicharron, delicious.

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fried fish, plantains and vegetables.

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An innovative idea for keeping foods

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