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Ghandi is my very favourite reference thanks to his famous quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world.". What is a way of making everyone go back to self-responsability & self-reliance instead of putting the blame of someone else for having the life they're going through & expecting most things for them to come from outside.

Nelson Mandela still represents absolute freedom & complete free-mindedness the most to me. This man spent 27 years in jail for his ideas and values. What an example of actual consistency compared to many other politicians who are used to changing their position according to what is said at a time all over the world! Mandela symbolises some great human features that matters very much to me: loyalty & self-honesty.

Description objective et historique du parchemin, object de culte, au sein de la Soka Gakkaï, association bouddhique laïque internationale. Cette organisation mondiale promeut les enseignements du Bouddha Nichiren et ceux du Bouddha Shakyamani à travers la référence au Sutra du Lotus, écrit final du prince éveillé indien. Ce texte ultime contient la grande loi de la vie gravée + tard sur le Gohonzon : chaque croyant honore ainsi sa propre vie lorsqu'il médite devant ce parchemin.

Comment entrer en contact avec un arbre à la manière des chamans ? :-) Une expérience belle et insolite... en apparence.

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