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Pierrot Latex Mask. Original Handpainted. Based on comedia del arte character. Customisable. Venetian Pantomime Clown Face Masqerade Masque.

Masque cuir flocon de neige en blanc par TomBanwell sur Etsy

Death Mask Day of the Dead Deadpool Mask Dia De by HikariDesign, $125.00

I like the painted aspect without the offer of personality.

Сон в летнюю ночь

Oh, my! How mysterious is this costume and mask? I've never seen another like it. Stunning!

From my show "Fool Moon"- the Chelem Legend

l'autre hidalgo: holy writ - Javier Jaén

Trifaccia mask - Commedia dell'arte Shows the three different sides of a human being.

almost looks like a mask.... vindice or hippolito?

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