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The Pagan Origin Of The Word "AMEN".called the Sun Ra, and all other gods and…

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OCCULTISM AND SYMBOLISM ALL AROUND THE WORLD - there are various aspects of the All-Seeing Eye: a fundamental meaning (the eye symbolizes Lucifer), a practical meaning, a prophetic meaning, a historical meaning and a mystic meaning.All five aspects harmonize to prepare the world for the coming Antichrist. the All-Seeing Eye, which primarily represents LUCIFER, “the angel of light” to Satanic Illuminati society (check out; 2nd Corinthians 11:15).

FYI This isNot a Christian Symbol as some think. Honestly Not Dissing those that use this symbol!

Isis was the Egyptian goddess of children and protector of the dead, as well as the patron of nature and magic

Divine Coincidences

horns of the devil; The Illuminati sign

"Beautiful Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess Temple" par Helena Nelson-Reed

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