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17th Century Compass and Sundial - cuprous alloy, glass (material), ivory, steel - origin: Nuremberg, current location Paris, musée du Louve

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Under cover Steve Hanks

A wucai jar and cover, China, China, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period.

Tut's father thought to be not from this world, attempted to restructure the egyptians belief in many gods into a monotheistic society only to be all but forgotten and erased from the historic record after his death. His unnatural form was passed on to his children Tut and Meritaten, both of which had elongated craniums mimicked by many ancient cultures. The egyptians deformed the majority of his statues and returned to their polytheistic religion shortly after his death. What's that about?

Female shaman. It is unlikely that females could become shaman until after they passed the age of menstruation. Therefore depictions of female shamans, identified by pendant labia, are rare. This female shaman is found in Big Petroglyph Canyon, CA.

Disappearance by Atsum Izumi. "Fragility and weak things tend to have a negative nuance to them. However, through my study of examining small pieces and thin lines I was able to find a certain strength like that found in nature and life. I came up with the hypothesis that fragility are signs of passing time. I feel objects that have accumulated chips and scars from passing time reveal this inner strength."

Game, Egypt (Thebes), 1390-1353 BC, The Brooklyn Museum. “This board and gaming pieces were used to play the game the Egyptians called senet, or “passing.” Two players each used seven pieces to advance according to the roll of stick-like dice, jump over the other player’s pieces, and finally remove all pieces from the board. The first player to remove all pieces won rebirth into the afterlife. This game was played for over 3000 years, and its board and pieces were often included in the…

Nefertari Tomb - Her lavishly decorated tomb, QV66, is the largest and most spectacular in the Valley of the Queens.