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VIDEO - Sarah Palin Launches Subscription-Based Online Video Channel

▶ Sarah Palin Reads Dr Seuss. Sarah Palin Reads / Remakes Green Eggs And Ham At Cpac 2014. - YouTube

Report: Sarah Palin plans digital channel 'Rogue TV'

Sarah Palin considering the US Senate! Look at those soft beutiful brown eyes of a mother and the tenacity of a pit bull! Go for it Sarah!

Sarah Palin - This Woman has taken more hateful undeserved crap from the Left and their lapdog media than any other individual in HISTORY........Why? strong, accomplished, pretty, nice, tough, good mother, faithful wife, mayor, governor, MOM...........Sarah, I think you are incredible!!!

The Left hate Sarah Palin because she will not comply to their political correctness ideology. Nor will she sit quietly while the lies told from our President go unnoticed by the MSM. Thank God for people like her; the ones who are not afraid to be called every negative name in the book while fighting for truth and liberty. The Left despise her, and the Establishment can't silence her.

#BB4SP: Awesome ➡ Sarah Palin Talks About The War On Women & Obama's Poo Pooed VA Scandal ➡ He's LAZY!

The liberal news media has been on a rampage this week - trying to undermine Sarah Palin's efforts to turn out conservatives to vote in the polls and make a huge impact in the ongoing 2014 Midterm Elections. But no matter how hard they try, they won't stop Sarah Palin from motivating millions of Americans to get involved in these critically important elections. The media is underestimating Sarah Palin, yet again.