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Stargazing: Finding the Stars and Constellations

When stargazing, certain stars can help you find constellations. Here's help finding them. You can also reference star maps on The Old Farmer's Almanac astronomy links page.

You'll find me up there somewhere...

Find Your Way Without a Compass

Learn how to use sunlight and constellations to navigate during the day or at night. The Old Farmer’s Almanac demonstrates the finer points of finding your bearings without a compass.

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Sky Maps (Star Charts): October 2015

Sky maps (star charts) free each month. Printable. Find constellations, planets, and stars.


How to See Comet Catalina

The best time to see Comet Catalina is probably around New Year’s, once the full Christmas Moon dims and leaves us with darker skies. Find out more!

Heart nebula - Credit: NASA. The universe is an amazing place

Exploring Orion, Episode 1

Constellation Orion -- from the new Almanac Space Pictures Blog