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| http://pinterest.com/toddrsmith/boards/ | cOmE eXpLorE- ouch - dental mouth opening device - [ #R0UGH ]

Zombie - Worth1000 Contests

Crownby Elena-NeriumOleander

Fixer could see the infection flowing under the child's skin, black tracks of evil like dark rain on glass, pooling in the kid's lips before it spilled down his neck towards his heart. "Help me," he whispered. Fixer shook his head, his anger at Pandora becoming a tight band gripping his heart. "There is nothing I can do for you, son. Nothing anyone can do for you."

Got something in youre mouth' by K4ll0

Creepy Halloween makeup

Паша Асфальтов

#Creepy #dolls, surrealism, surreal, occult, weird, scary, horror

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