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Filmed throughout acceptance trials for a new lot of ammunition, this impressive clip shows a GAU-8/A Avenger Gatling Gun firing from a test stand. What makes this video interesting is the fact that although the muzzle was placed 40 feet from the camera you can clearly hear the noise of the A-10’s 30mm rotary cannon firing 170 rounds during this 2,3 sec. long burst.

gau 8 avenger - Google Search

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Sci-Fi Rifle.

Warthogs sent to take on ISIS. Enemies hide when the A-10 Thunderbolt II...

Dishonored Fiche RPG (reviews, previews, wallpapers, videos, covers, screenshots, faq, walkthrough) - Legendra RPG

The "GUN" inside the plane! The A-10 Thunderbolt!

Morane-Saulnier - AI Master - F-AZAP, French WWI "parasol" winged fighter. Les Casques de Cuir (Leather Helmets) - Collection Salis, Ferte Alais - LFFQ, 29.05.2004.

A-10 gun run in Afghanistan [targets moving into tree line]

Rockwell OV-10B-NH Bronco F-AZKM, Meeting de la Ferte-Alais 2011.

A-10 Warthog in Action. Gun sounds like a fart...but it's actually putting 30mm rounds IN your ass.