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NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day: Hubble 25th Anniversary: Pillars Of Creation

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Nébuleuse de la Tarentule — NGC 2070

The picture of an ex-panding universe implies that something cataclysmic must have occurred in the past. If we reverse the expan-sion of the universe & trace it backward in time, we appear to encounter a ‘beginning,’ at which everything hits everything else: all the mass in the universe is compressed into a state of infinite density, known as the ‘initial singularity'. John D. Barrow

The North American, Cygnus Wall and Pelican Nebulae | Flickr - Terry Hancock

The Sombrero Galaxy

Orion Nebula Mais

i feel like unicorns should be in this picture too.

Last night, I lay in my bed, looking up in the stars - the beautiful sky and the…