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Artist Uses Her Background in Science to Create a Line of Gorgeously Surreal Animal Sculptures

You are My Oasis

[ B o h è m e ] E t h e r e a l . B o h e m i a n

"The art of medicine consists of training the patient, while nature cures the sickness." - Voltaire #voltaire #quote #sharphealthcare

We absolutely love this illustration. It's so odd and elegant at the same time. We can't find the author, but if s/he's out there, we'd like to say her/him: thank you for this deep moment of grace.

An alphabet design inspired by my plush letters. Here they are. A-Ape, B-Bear, C-Chicken, D-Donkey, E-Eel, F-Frog, G-Goose, H-Hedgehog, I-Inchworm, J-Jellyfish, K-Koala, L-Lion, M-Moose, N-Narwal, O-Owl, P-Pig, Q-Quail, R-Rhino, S-Snake, T-Tiger, U-Urchin, V-Vulture, W-Worm, X-Xray Fish, Y-Yak, Z-Zebra

"Part of the cure is the willingness to heal." - Seneca #seneca #quote #sharphealthcare

"Health isn't everything, but without it, everything else is nothing." - Schopenhauer #schopenhauer #quote #sharphealthcare

"Humans spend the first half of their life ruining their health, and the other half trying to restore it." - Joseph Leonard #leonard #quote #sharphealthcare