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Portion of the garden in Mona's backyard, 34 Avenue de New York, Paris.

Mona at her Hotel Lambert apartment in Paris. She lived here with her husband, Count Eduard Bismarck, for a number of years, before settling into the enormous town house at 34 Avenue de New York.

Portrait of Mona and subdued Mickey, by Leonor Fini.

Mona Biamarck and Jacques de la Beraudiere, 1938

Another model Balenciaga belonging to the Countess Mona von Bismarck, 1955

Roseraie de l'Hay, outside of Paris, France. Photo: wouma, via Flickr

Tunic and pant outfit, donated to Victoria & Albert Museum, London, by Mona Bismarck

Mona, Countess of Bismarck

Détail d'un ensemble du soir porté par la comtesse Mona Bismarck - Collection Hubert de Givenchy - by courtesy of Mona Bismarck Foundation

Chandelier at Mona's paris house, at 34 Avenue de New York.