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Sisters Adeline and Augusta Van Buren. Once arrested for publicly wearing trousers :) #motorcycle #women


DUXFORD AIRFIELD 1918-1939 (Q 114862) A woman dispatch rider seated on her motorbike at Duxford, c. 1919.


78) Vestiges d'aqueduc et teuf-teuf - Les anticorps attaquent !


Vera Evangline War, from her motorcycle trip in California in 1922

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Van Buren Sisters c. 1916

In the summer of 1916 women do not have the right to vote, let alone be motorcycle dispatch riders. Two sisters, Angeline and Adelaide Hanson are determined to prove to the world that not only are women capable of riding motorbikes, but they can ride motorbikes across the United States. Alone.

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Local Motors Cruiser le vélomoteur par Ianis Vasilatos

The Brooks zero-emissions Electric Local Motors Cruiser


motolady: A pair of smokin’ dames on their motorbikes in Britain, 1930s. Photographs of women motorcyclists from this time period always fascinate me; society norms changing quickly through the early 1900s allowed women to exercise and enjoy some new freedoms. Can you imagine wearing a corset on a motorcycle? Original photo source unknown, though I suspect it’s from historial archives. [ more from the 1930s ]


Indian Motorcycles - love these vintage photos so much! And that bike is sweet!