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L'Echelle | Lac de Sanguinet, France 2009 © Xavier Rey Photographies |

I love how this bridge kinda reresentd our life journey. No matter how hard it is to cross there's still a sturdy platform at the end!

Xavier Rey Photographies - Le temps d'une pose | L'echelle - Lac de Sanguinet, France 2009

Silence, old wooden boat, tree, water, clouds, reflections, beauty, solitude, photo b/w.

Photographer Michel Rajkovic Captures the Magic of Landscapes with Long Exposures

Ecosse 2008,Noir,Photographies,Amour,La Photographie En Monochrome,Photographie Artistique,Noir Blanc Photographie,La Photographie De Paysage,Photographie Évoquant

This reminds me of the Series of Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket. I can just see Violet, Clause and Sunny sitting on this pier. Not Really Sure why, but I can

Serenity 2 By: Xavier Rey |

Une compilation de photos en noir et blanc d’accidents plus ou moins célèbres… accidents célèbres dans la suite de l'article ..

Nice long exposure b

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