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Ca c est la base c est comme ça que je le veux; c est l idée de base qui ne fait surtout pas oublier ;)) Triple Moon Goddess Triquetra Pentacle Silver

Silver CELTIC TRIQUETRA Amethyst Pentacle Tri Moon PENDANT Wicca Pagan Jewelry

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pentagram ear cuff earring chained set Triple moon ear cuff pentacle cuff in fantasy boho Wicca witch magic hipster style

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odins raven

White Magick Alchemy - Pentacle Bracelet in Bronze, $9.95 (

Africa | Leather amulet necklace from the Tuareg people of the Hoggar in Algeria.

A gorgeous Crescent Moon circlet for a High Priestess.

Shannon collier mariage médiéval celtique pendentif par ElnaraNiall

Celtic Triquetra Pendant $65.95 The triquetra with or without the circle has been found on runestones in Scandinavia, in ancient goddess-oriented pagan groups, in Celtic manuscripts, and on early Germanic coins. It is associated with numerous mythical gods and goddesses and has been used as a protective charm by Wiccans. Sometimes the symbol is reversed, pointing down rather than up. The three points may also be round rather than pointed.