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With Cassandra in Escuela

Izoria Burgundy

Le son du piano accompagna leur premier rendez-vous. A piano playing in the background accompanied their first meeting. Izoria Burgundy - Stand collar lace dress

Horse hama perler by Les loisirs de Pat

A bird's-eye view of Troy is given showing its walls with battlements and towers, and a single gate. Inside we see the temple of Athena standing in the midst of the houses of the town, its precinct flanked on each side with a long colonnade. In the court, the Greeks are issuing from the wooden horse (ΔΟΥΡΗΟΣ ΙΠΠΟΣ) and have already begun the massacre.

If Alice in Wonderland had a cast of horses! Don't think he'd fit down the rabbits hole

Cassandra Cassandra was the daughter of the King of Priam and Queen Hecuba. She was a princess of Troy who was said to be astonishingly beautiful.Cassandra prophesied the Trojan war and the destruction of Troy by the Greeks. The famous phrase Beware of Greeks bearing gifts is a warning she made concerning the Trojan horse. The result of her warning being ignored was the fall of Troy. She sought refuge in the Temple of Athena but was abducted by Ajax and given to Agamemnon as a concubine.

“Live to the point of tears.” ― Albert Camus My latest Look Book ~ Designer: The Gypsies Caravan ( Models:Moon Flower, Jun J Bustamante, Cassandra Wahuhi Photography: KMarie Photography "The Hermit Dress" By RunWith TheTribe Flower Crown by Katelyn Demalow

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Calling all Lady Midnight lovers!! Here is a #bfest exclusive excerpt from Lord of Shadows • The Dark Artifices Book 2 by Cassandra Clare Exciting!! • • "On a towering brindled horse, just at the foot of the Institute steps, was Gwyn ap Nudd, the leader of the Wild Hunt. The horse's eyes were blood-red, and so was the armor that Gwyn wore--tough crimson leather, torn here and there by claw marks and the rips made by weapons. Under Gwyn's arm he carried a massive helmet decorated with a…