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Let's take a moment and realize that JongUp is az the bottom and he's usint only one hand? BTW did anyone else realize that they're almost in birth order?

Bobby, Mino

Zelo "Happiness" | It's okay Zelo. Don't let anyone dampen your sparkle!!*** <3<3<3

A Beautiful Heart // By Babyonlyforyou // Romance // Daehyun & OC // Chapters 54 // What will happen when a cold, masked girl meets a warm-hearted and talkative boy? Will fire and water ever mix? Or will the fire be put out by the icy water? Can their be miracles? Meet Yoo SeonA, the cold, mysterious girl who talks to no one; then there's Jung Daehyun, the cheerful boy overflowing with love and sunshine in a story where the cliche roles are reversed. Where a frozen heart is revived by a warm…

Daehyun Himchan Youngjae Jongup


Yongguk and Zelo


BTS ❤ handsome as always

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