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Here are the pictures of the playground that owner built this Spring. It's made out of Java wood. The middle section is a java tree stand and the 2 end pieces are reptile wood. We had the countertop made to fit. The island itself was there, it was part of the house when they built it. At first it was a planter, they had a 135 gal. reef tank on it for 17 years, just sold that and made the playgorund. The birds love it.


They think it's their mom. - Imgur

Parrot Play Gym is ideal for: Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Senegals, Myers, Red Bellies, Quakers, conures such as Green Cheeks, Maroon Bellies.

red-winged blackbird, so cold you can see his song

DIY parrot play stands/gyms

Je suis passionnée par les animaux en général et plus particulièrement par les chats et les oiseaux. J'adore la nature, les paysages, les découvertes, les jeux de couleurs et de lumière, bref, j'aime les jolies choses...

No.6 MEDIUM Bird Perch Playground