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Sand castle enrichment. This could actually be super-easy even if your enclosure doesn't have sand. Bag of sand, dampen and put into molds with treats inside, place in enclosure!

Zoo volunteers created some Easter-inspired enrichment items for our animals at Werribee Open Range Zoo. The treats hidden inside the items were part of the daily enrichment program at the Zoo, which includes a range of activities and items to provide variety and encourage problem-solving and foraging behaviors.

Tirage au sort « Spécial Halloween » au zoo African Safari, à Plaisance du Touch

puzzle feeder. Definitely making this with bamboo.

Polar bear eating strawberry heart cake.

Lemur with pinecone

Les plus petits sont restés au sol.

Primate Environmental Enrichment - hanging

Easy diy foraging toy for parrots and parakeets

Easy to make ladder for climbing species