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What's wrong with happy people? They're fine... sometimes. And I do not support marijuana legalization- only medical marijuana legalization. Ok I get the point.

I'm an optimistic realist. I'm not gonna delude myself that everything's gonna turn out fine and I don't ignore the bad, but I do prefer the light over the dark. I always feel odd in class when we get on a "depressing" (described as such by my peers) topic and I find it slightly interesting because I get to argue my point, even if it's just in my mind. But I never see them as sad, just truthful.

So true, they only see your résumé. So, talk about all the good stuff not on your résumé!

INTP. I think I found out what my problem is.... I'm adorable, lol!

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Nothing wrong with playing Devil's Advocate, there should always be someone arguing the other side. Hell, I may not even have an opinion. I'll do it just to see what you say, haha.

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