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(open Rp be dean please and sometimes sam and cas) I came to in the backseat of a car (the impala) and sat up. I didn't know who I was or where I was. I look over to see (dean) watching me worriedly

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Mr. and Mrs,Clause are wishing you a very supernatural christmas Via @misha collins

Ahh SAMs face in that photo

Bildergebnis für dean winchester imagines

Bildergebnis für supernatural imagines

((Be Dean)) We had just gotten back from hunting a Vamp nest. Dean and I were in the impala when a truck had pulled out in front of us. We both had gotten hurt, but since the truck pulled out on my side, I had the most damage. We were rushed to the hospital

Bildergebnis für dean winchester imagines

((Be Cas)) The boys and I had stopped by a diner on our way back to the bunker. We were eating when a man walked over to the table and started to flirt with me. Cas starts to give him a death glare and he walks away quickly, and I look at him "What was that for?"