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Trinity College Old Library & The Book of Kells Exhibition

Title Page of St. Luke's Gospel Twenty figures crowd in and around the letters which form the opening word of St. Luke's gospel — Quoniam. While it is impossible to definitively explain the symbolism of the activities this group is engaged in, there is a particular moral tone. Two of the figures at the bottom seem to be slumped as if suffering from the after-effects of the wine held by the figures to the left. Meanwhile the two figures at the bottom right appear to be suitably chastened.

French noble family tree, 15th century illuminated manuscript.

Trinity College Old Library & The Book of Kells Exhibition

Irish Gloss on Matthew In early Irish law your status and wealth established your “honor price”. This set the amount of compensation you were entitled to if someone did you wrong. In Roman law, all citizens were equal before the law, but in ancient Ireland this was not so. Your standing before the law depended on your status. Kings and bishops enjoyed the highest honor price.

La vierge Marie et l'enfant Jésus, entouré par les anges (folio 7v du livre de Kells).

Portrait of Emilia, Princess of Orange, known as Emilia of Nassau, Emilia of Portugal (10-4-1569 -. 16-3-1629). Daughter of William, Prince of Orange (1533-1584) and Anna of Saxony (1544-1577). Emilia secretly married in 1597 at The Hague Don Emanuel of Portugal (c. 1568-1638), illegitimate and impoverished pretender to the throne in exile. From this marriage 10 children were born, of whom two died young.

Digital Library of Spain – Biblioteca Nacional de EspañaMiniature from the Poetic Works by Francesco Petrarca

September, from Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry, 15th century, the Limbourg Brothers Musée Condé

Charles, Duke of Orleans, seen writing, standing at a window and dispatching a letter in the courtyard of the Tower of London. ©The British Library Board