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Love up cycling things! Making the Outdated relevant again with a bit of paint! So my m.o.!

DIY Chandelier Upgrade

DIY Chandelier Makeover                                                                                                                                                                                 Más
Ma maison au naturel: 25 idées de diy délicieusement rétro

25 idées de diy délicieusement rétro

my yellow chandelier :)
Even better, I LOVE the look of this one AND it has the lights I wanted. So, need to find a cheap brass and gold chandelier to upcycle!
Crédit photo: Root Design Studio

10 beaux luminaires suspendus à faire soi-même

How to give an old chandelier a makeover and make it look better than it did when it was new!  #chandelier #crafts #DIY
From brassy to classy... Can't wait to start in on a chandelier project of my own.

Brassy to Classy: My Free Chandelier

Materials  old glass jars (spaghetti jars, jam jars or any plain glass jar will work)  gold dimensional puff paint  glass paint (De...
Repaint an old chandelier.
L'atelier du mercredi : avec du fil de fer - Plumetis Magazine
Neat way to redo an ugly old chandelier. Would be so cute in my woodshop.
Hanging lamp

Tendance de la Semaine - Lustres Magnifiques!

lampara cristales turquesa