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[Self] Poison Ivy cosplay

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Les super-héroïnes relookées d'Helen Chen

Helen Chen Poison Ivy- love it! .... she kind of looks like me lol

The most picture perfect body on any artwork of the female anatomy ever!! I want to indulge and gently devour... Okay, this is a bit superficial but worth the critical backlash from the female community. Poison Ivy Sideshow Art

Whenever I see this my heart dies. Cause poison ivy has that lip poison thing so she could kill someone she loves if she's not careful. And she consideres herself Mother Nature and she loves plants and calls plants her Baby's. And even though Groot is marvel if she ever saw Groot she would go crazy and love a talking plant that can walk even if it can only say:I am Groot.

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Poison Ivy by AnKyeol

Arsenic in the shell

Almost all of the pictures of supervillianesses on Pinterest seem to be of either Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn

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Best of Cosplay #52

Chloe Dykstra en Poison Ivy, Meg Turney en Harley Quinn, Michele Morrow en Catwoman