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Two of several water nymph statues in York House Gardens Twickenham along side the River Thames and near Dial House Riverside -- The statues were Imported from Italy by a Whitaker Wright who following his conviction for fraud took his own life in court from cyanide in 1904 This led to Sir Ratan Tata an Indian grandee to aquire the statues and bring them into his gardens at York House - source - The Twickenham Museum

Persephone & Hades <3

In 'Heaven is a Garden' I write about the Blue Garden at the Lotusland in Santa Barbara, Ca. Photo by The Garden Lovers Tour for National Public Gardens Day.

The Temptation of Zeus Zeus took an endless series of lovers among the goddess, nymphs and women of the world, and in this Storybook you get to hear their side of the story, learning from Hera, Metis, Sinope and Alcmena just what it means to be the beloved of Zeus. LINK:

Hans Olaf Heyerdahl

Community Post: 10 Artists That Should Be Taught In Art School

Ivan Kramskoy Mermaids. This painting is based on a slavic story. they are all women in white. They show up by the river side at night.


Hermaphroditos’ themes are balance, masculinity, femininity, honor, reason and leadership. Symbols are two-sided items and Yin/Yang symbols. This androgynous deity was once the son of Hermes, but he loved the nymph Salmakis so much that the lovers became one body and soul, neither the male nor the female being discernible. In this form, Hermaphroditos reminds us that the Goddess is also God, blending the best of both sexes together into powerful, productive energy.