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Milton Greene "Marlene Dietrich", c. 1950s

Marlene Dietrich in Schiaparelli, 1936. Photo: George Hoyningen-Huene.

Cinema Style File--Marlene Dietrich's Key Light in 1932's SHANGHAI EXPRESS | GlamAmor

Andy Warhol, 1974, New York by Milton H Greene. Andy Warhol (Aug 6, 1928–Feb 22, 1987), American artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. His works explore the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement that flourished by the 1960s. Famous works include "Campbells Soup Cans," "Eight Elvises," and silkscreen portraits of Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, MaoTse-Tung, Liza Minelli, and other famous people.

"Marlene Dietrich" | Photographer: Don English, 1932

Marlene Dietrich on stage, 1950s, photo by William Claxton.