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Eleniel seized the struggling halfling by the waistcoat and hauled him out of the river and onto the bank. “My waistcoat!” He cried, though it was already missing several buttons. “Ungrateful little bugger.” She said in the common tongue. “Oh! I’m sorry! I should be thanking you!” He stuttered. She suddenly looked up and narrowed her eyes. “Yrch!” She hissed, falling into her own tongue. The halfling looked puzzled. “Orcs.” She repeated and strung her bow, fitting an arrow to the string.

Elven Character Art by stevegoad on deviantART

Elven Archer by on @deviantART

Elf Ranger with Barkskin by sheppardarts

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LON Card ranger by Efrem Palacios EPalacios -- Honestly, there aren't so many pointy-eared folk on Urutsk as these images would suggest. Still, the look and setting are dead on, so it is pinned here. :)

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