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Pietro Longhi, The Dance

The Moor's Letter, c.1750 by Pietro Longhi

Francois Boucher "Pensent-ils au raisin?" or " Are They Thinking About the Grape?" 1747 (Chicago Art Institute)

Pietro Longhi (French: 1701 - 1785) - The Concert (1741)

Venise au temps de Pietro Longhi

Morning toilette

"La Récureuse" by André Bouys (1737) at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris - It must have been a hard job being a domestic servant cleaning up after one's aristocratic employers. Just doing the dishes alone would have been a challenge - delicate and priceless pieces of silverware and fine porcelain were polished or washed entirely by hand without the slightest scratch. No wonder food historian Ivan Day has said they would have needed almost "curatorial" hands.

Casaque-Shorter Robe Battante-Info Unkn

The Dancing Lesson (c. 1741). Pietro Longhi (Venetian, Rococo, 1712-1793). Oil on canvas. Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice. Longhi was extremely popular, painting bright scenes with a light social comedy. Many show Venetians at play, and chronicle the daily activities of a typical Venetian citizen, such as going to the barber’s, duck hunting, or, in this case, having a dance lesson.

Pietro Longhi (Italian, 1702–1785), A Theatrical Performance, 18th century. Oil on canvas. Gift of Kathryn Bache Miller. 1964.72