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Yalom's Cure (2014)

Yalom's Cure (US, 2014 / French title: Irvin Yalom, la Thérapie du bonheur) A documentary about the life and philosophy of one of the world's most influential psychotherapists, this doesn't really tell you the secret to happiness and at 1.25 hours long it's still too long. 2.7 stars

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (USA 2012) An asteroid hurtles toward earth promising to obliterate mankind. In the face of certain death within a few weeks' time, a man takes off in search of the true love of his youth, accompanied by his wacky neighbor and a dog, who complicate his travels. A brief scene of unconditional love moved me to tears. 3 stars.

Demain (France, 2015 / English translation of title: Tomorrow) This French documentary about the various factors which impact the ecosystem of the planet shows how people and communities are making a positive change toward a healthier earth and life. 3.4 stars

Ida (2013)

Ida (Poland, 2013) In 1960s Poland, Anna, orphaned during WW2, is a young postulate nun on the verge of taking her vows in the convent in which she grew up, when she learns the secrets about her family and past. Shot in black and white, the film convincingly recreates a bleak post-war Poland where survivors of the war continue to grapple with their fate. The entire film unfolded in unexpected ways. I upgraded my rating when I found myself still thinking about its story a week later. 3.5…

Rosalie Blum

Rosalie Blum (France, 2016) A bachelor in a small town with no life, attached and controlled by his mother, becomes fascinated by a woman in town and begins to follow her. This is certainly not the next "Amelie" as it has been billed, but is a mildly interesting, although forgettable, distraction. 2.3 stars

L'avenir (2016)

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Tu veux ou tu veux pas

Tu veux ou tu veux pas (France, 2014) A recovering sex addict who happens to be a marriage counselor has his mettle tested when he hires a very sexy assistant who is clearly desirous of him. Sophie Marceau and Patrick Burel are very cute together in this otherwise fairly predictable love comedy. 2.2 stars

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