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Place vegetables and fruits in a tub of clean water for your parrot to bob for. It is an easy activity to set up and an enjoyable one! PLEASE NOTE, this is an activity that should be supervised and it is important to use a tub that is suitably shallow for your bird's size in case they fall in.

An artichoke with other foods inserted in the leaves makes a foraging toy.

Des photos prises au bon moment et au bon endroit – Partie 9

Drôles, impressionnantes et mignonnes, c'est ce que sont les photos que vous allez voir qui ont été prises juste au bon moment !

Hot weather making fresh foods you offer to your birds wilt, become limp or rubbery? Try floating them in water! They stay fresher longer, making them more appetizing, plus birds like the added challenge of "bobbing" for their foods. I just finished writing an article on this very topic for Australian Aviary Life that will appear in the next issue. Try it! Your birds will love you for it. I know mine do.

DIY Stuffed Pepper Treat - a colorful foraging activity for your rats!

Easy diy foraging toy for parrots and parakeets

fruits skewer for parrot

beautiful colors

Travel parrot perch made from PVC.