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Silky Bulbous Installations : Lisa Kellner

Because of their shape and suggestive color, the art pieces by American artist Lisa Kellner can be described in many different ways. From human entrails to jellyfish, the true subjects of these sculptures is still up for debate. These foamy sculptures are made of hand-formed silk and thread and art materials like paint, bleach and acrylics.

This photo was pinned with the description "A lime photo". But it's SO much more than that! From DianaDee - - The photographer took a THIN SLICE of lime, set it on edge, and shone a bright backlight through it. Thus the dark cells within the yellow - green fruit show the miracles within this simple ordinary citrus. The perfect symmetrical wedges & dark center look like a DAISY - or a church Stained Glass Window.

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engrave self-portraits

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Visualising the Cell Nucleus -- Anatomia Vegetal 1929, pub. by FE Wachsmuth a

Still I hear a voice saying that the gods cannot be deceived, neither can they be compelled. But what if there are no gods? or, suppose them to have no care of human things Sculptures by Morgan Herrin Title: Plato #butDoesItFloat

"RED CORAL" Kevin Gordon Etched Glass 6" x 17" x 17"

this is pretty cool- its presented like its a medical thing but does not look very medical