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Maasai Girl Kenya 1971

Africa | An Afar woman, Ethiopia | ©Eric Lafforgue

Africa | Teenage Maasai. Amboseli National Park, Kenya | ©Nawapa

Africa | Nyangatom necklace detail | ©Benoit Feron

Africa | Nyangatom necklace detail | ©Benoit Feron

The colours of beads used is not random or frivolous; colours have a significance in Maasai culture Red: "...signifies danger, ferocity, bravery, strength, and especially unity, because it is the color of the blood of the cow that is slaughtered when the community comes together in celebration." Blue: "...represents the sky which provides water for the cows." Green: "...represents the land which grows food for the cattle to eat. Green also represents the health of the Maasai…

Samburu girl from Wamba, Kenya | By abgefahren2004