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29 Times The Sims Went Horribly, Hilariously Wrong


If there's something I want to disappear from this world, it's: 1. Periods 2. Hiccups 3. My supernatural ability to hit my pinkytoe into every table and door I've seen


Volume 8😂😂😂😂😂

29 Times "The Sims" Was Accidentally Hilarious

This important lesson on the "randomize" button | 29 Times “The Sims” Was Accidentally Hilarious<<<this made me laugh WAY more than it should've..

i just wanted to make the baby grow up to kill him because i didnt want to own him and hes the one killing me because im choking in laughter someone send help

Le Récap' de la semaine - Hors-Série Spécial Sims 4 - Direct Sims

Someone threw caution to the wind. #Imgur


Fallout 3 (and Skyrim) Thoughts...

27 Things That Happened To EVERYONE When Playing The Sims

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