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Explorez Moray Pérou, Les Rondes et plus encore !

circles... at Moray - facinating

descending terraces

Chinchero Salineras Maras Moray Tour in this sightseeing tour you can visit and explore the unique round shaped Inca terraces made in a round shapes and the 3 that are shaped like the three sides of the pyramids “Chinchero Salineras Maras Moray Tour”.

Moray, Cusco - Peru

Peru - Sacred Valley & Incan Ruins 279 - Moray The gorgeous circular terraced bowl of Moray are thought to be an experimental agricultural nursery for the Incas, with different micro-climates allowing for different varieties of corn to be planted at deeper levels of the circular bowl. Others, both locals and foreign spiritually-minded, feel such a technical explanation fails to match the obvious effort, aesthetics and position the amazing circular site took.

The rings of Moray, an old Incan agricultural site in Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru

Moray, #Cusco, #Peru. one of the most amazing places in the world. Made by the Inca empire over 600 years ago. Notice the size of the people in the picture to have a better idea of the size of this beautiful site.