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Dance Bustle - 36902 | Penn Museum Collections

This is a very unique Native American Medicine stick which is used by American Indian's medicine man or shaman for spiritual healing, medicine and prayer. This is an actual Native made medicine stick

Exceptionnel Masque de Kachina SIO HEMIS, HOPI, Arizona, USA Circa 1890-1900

National Museum of the American Indian : Neck bustle from a man's dance outfit (worn on the upper back) circa 1900, Rosebud Reservation, Oglala.

Masque de Kachina TASAF ou NAVAJO Kachina HOPI, Arizona, USA 1920-1930

S. Arapaho Crow Dance bandolier. AMNH ac

Masque de Kachina RUGAN Hopi, Arizona, Usa Circa 1930-1940 Cuir, laine, bois, pigments

Pawnee Buffalo Dance belt. AMNH ac

Masque de Kachina QOQLO ou KOKLO Kachina HOPI, Arizona, USA Circa 190

Dance Bustle

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